onsdag den 13. juli 2016

Gussi's story # 4

I have discovered a new passion of mine: Chasing Waves.

Sometimes my mum and dad take me to the seaside in Denmark, and we walk on the beach and find funny things in the sand. At first I didn't care about those white foamy things moving back and forth... but then I got my paws wet!

I became a bit crazy and tried to catch those naughty things... but I couldn't. I just got my mouth full of salty water! And when my mum began paddling in the water, I just had to follow. I mean - maybe she needed help or something...!

But she didn't; she just laughed. And I realised that it was FUN to get my tummy wet and it was FUN to splash about in the water.

So we splashed about for a long time - me and my mum and dad. Later we ran in the sand and dried ourselves in the sun. And had a little snack.

I DO like the seaside. I really do!!

JustGiving - Sponsor me now!
I was once a Spanish Stray dog... but now I have a forever home.

Many of my friends are still at the pound though - and new dogs come in all the time. Please help them - so many wonderful dogs desperately needs a good home. Or maybe you could help financially... the expenses are high and money are sparse. 

My Mum, Mia, havde put up a fund for Spanish Stray Dogs, and if you could support this with a little - or a lot - I will tell you stories about my new life and my travels. Wouldn't that be nice?!  

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