mandag den 13. juni 2016

Gussi's Story # 3

Often our travels brings us to Bruges in Belgium - because it is on the route to England, and because my Mum just loves it there!

I love it too now! There are a lot of people, and I am not so keen on that, but we always find the quiet streets and the quiet places, where we can relax with a coffee, a cake and a doggy biscuit or two.

There are also a lot of horses and swans and ducks - but I take them all in my stride.

Last time we were there, I was sitting with my Mum for a while by the canal to watch people sailing by and also the swans. And it was so funny, because a lot of people came over to talk to me and pet me.

They say that "I was a beautiful chap" - and the funny thing is, that nobody wanted me for so long. Nobody noticed me for 3 years when I was in the Spanish pound. And now I am noticed all the time.

People talk to me and praise me, and I do like it - mostly. Some people can be a bit too hasty, and then I slink back behind my Mum. And then people talk to her instead. She likes to talk...

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I was once a Spanish Stray dog... but now I have a forever home.

Many of my friends are still at the pound though - and new dogs come in all the time. Please help them - so many wonderful dogs desperately needs a good home. Or maybe you could help financially... the expenses are high and money are sparse. 

My Mum, Mia, havde put up a fund for Spanish Stray Dogs, and if you could support this with a little - or a lot - I will tell you stories about my new life and my travels. Wouldn't that be nice?!  

2 kommentarer:

Fruen i Midten sagde ...

Det er jo en klassiker, at med en hund ved siden kommer man i snak med mange flere mennesker end ellers :-) Hvad siger svanerne til Gussi - og han til dem? Kan de hver især holde mund??

Mia Folkmann sagde ...

Fruen i midten: Svanerne i Brugge var ret ligeglade, men de er nok vant til lidt af hvert. Og så havde de ikke unger på det tidspunkt... Gussi synes bare, at de var underlige. Det er noget HELT andet med egern og får; dem går han i selvsving over... ;-)