onsdag den 1. juni 2016

Gussi's Story # 2

My first trip in the motor home was to Denmark, where my Mum had rented a little house for four weeks. She thought I needed some quiet time with the family, so that we could get to know each other.

I loved it all - except all the cold and snow. For the coldest days Mum gave me a sweater - a striped, woolly thing. It was rather nice to wear, because it was warm and comfortable, and luckily, I do not mind so much about my looks. (Mum thought I looked adorable... I am not sure I agree though!).

We had the greatest time! My Dad often played with me, and I love to be "chased" and then slide gracefully through the living room on a loose carpet. And Mum's Mum is the best cook - she made Danish meatballs every other day for my benefit!

I do try to behave my very best, and I can feel that I am truly loved. The only thing I am NOT allowed is sleeping in my parent’s bed at night. But I am on the right track, I am sure - sometimes I sneak in for a cuddle and manage to stay for some time. Longer and longer and.... zzzzzzz.

JustGiving - Sponsor me now!
I was once a Spanish Stray dog... but now I have a forever home.

Many of my friends are still at the pound though - and new dogs come in all the time. Please help them - so many wonderful dogs desperately needs a good home. Or maybe you could help financially... the expenses are high and money are sparse. 

My Mum, Mia, havde put up a fund for Spanish Stray Dogs, and if you could support this with a little - or a lot - I will tell you stories about my new life and my travels. Wouldn't that be nice?!  

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